Does the visual presentation of drugs define peoples perception of them?
The goal of this art project is expanding knowledge and understanding on this as well as reducing stigma and giving people a chance to reflect on their own feelings towards this subject.
A new perspective
This entire project began as an exploration aimed at representing drugs in an unconventional way. The objective was not to create an authentic portrayal, but rather to offer a striking contrast to the stereotypical propaganda images that have shaped public perception.
Changing the narrative
How to legally sell drugs
Global governments have dedicated billions of dollars to the stigmatization of drugs. To grasp this approach, we studied both legal and illegal substances. We attempted to visually portray legal drugs in a manner akin to their demonization, while also envisioning illegal drugs within the context of a legitimate pharmaceutical framework.
Pharmaceutical marketing
Some help moving towards more humane drug policies
Visual designs and social media content are available for use. If your organization is working on a related cause, feel free to adapt and utilize this material as needed.
Resources and graphics
How do criminalization and fear of punishment affect people who use drugs?


The #Decriminalize campaign is a collaborative effort between Safer Drug Policies, numerous Norwegian organizations, and us, supporting the ongoing decriminalization reform in Norway.

Our collective aim is to create a society where drug users receive assistance and treatment instead of facing criminal charges and stigmatization.

Eight stories of how criminalization harms drug users, all based on true events.
Photographs by artist Pernille Sandberg and design by Alkemist.